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Welcome to Uplands Outreach

Uplands Outreach works closely with our partner schools in the Insikazi school circuit in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Our vision is to boost performance and raise educational achievement for all children. For maximum impact, we work in one school circuit only, at leader, educator, and learner levels.

The Uplands Outreach team is passionate about our work and are committed to long-standing relationships with our programme participants. This consultative, collaborative approach has resulted in a number of successes that are proven over time. We utilise evidence-based practices to guide our activities.

Our achievements include the holistic School Leadership programme, the SMILE conversational literacy programme, the JUMP Mathematics programme, the Digital Literacy programme, and the refurbishment and workflow support of the Insikazi school circuit office. We also implement several ‘quick wins’ projects with our partner schools, which provide both practical and psychological support to our programme participants.

Thank you to all our loyal friends and supporters who contribute to the ongoing success of Outreach. Reach out… our community consists of more than just scenery, and extends beyond the beautiful Uplands campus. Talk to us about Uplands Outreach and how you can get involved.

Warmest regards

Nicolette (Nicky) de Bruyn
Uplands Outreach

Uplands Outreach is passionate about working collaboratively with our partner schools to raise the achievement levels for all learners in rural Mpumalanga, by utilising the expertise, skills, facilities, and culture of excellence of Uplands Preparatory School and Uplands College, independent schools in existence since 1928 and 1998, respectively.

The Uplands Schools Board meets quarterly, as does the Outreach Executive Committee. The Outreach Executive Committee consists of:

  •  Miles Japhet, Chairman
  •  Gary Sim, Executive Headmaster of Uplands
  •  Dave Ernstzen, Headmaster of Uplands Preparatory
  •  Nadia Lambrechts, Independent CA
  •  Phil Hemus, Uplands Business Manager
  •  Mandrew Nyambi, Insikazi Circuit Manager
  •  Nicolette de Bruyn, Director of Uplands Outreach

We are audited annually by KPMG and Audited Financial Statements are available upon request.  PBO and NPC details listed to the right. 

Uplands Outreach: a joint venture between Uplands Preparatory School and Uplands College
(Associations Incorporated under Section 21)
NPC Registration: 971852408
PBO: 1811132816 NPO: 036217
Bank Account: Uplands Outreach & Development Committee
FNB, Branch Code: 270552, Account No: 5428 002 8358

Our Six Core Values


We focus on promising new approaches to closing the achievement gap in rural education in Mpumalanga.


We regularly measure and monitor our performance, and our impact.

Model of Excellence

We set high standards and promote best practices in education.

Far-reaching Impact

We achieve maximum value and impact for our donors, and our projects are designed to directly benefit learners.

Financial Sustainability

We endeavor to secure predictable revenue sources for our programs.

Community Participation

We are responsive to our communities and we are consultative in our practices.

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