Qualitative Impact

Qualitative Impact

Uplands Outreach is pleased to share the following qualitative feedback from our L4E beneficiaries:

Firstly the thing I would remember about the programme are the Outreach teachers for sacrificing their time, to see us having a bright future. The shouting of Mama V was the sharp stick that keeps me doing the right thing. Like when I am about to do something wrong, the thing that comes to my mind is “remember to take care of yourself” like Mama V begged us. When I am doing an interview in some company, when they say take a seat, I will remember the posture triangle, by Miss Nicky, that I must sit up straight. I can’t forget Ma’am Tracey for playing a role in my success. ~ Xolane T

I will miss Mama V’s motivation talks and Ma’am Nicky’s educational songs and quotes. Indeed, the best three years of my life. ~ Ayanda M

What I will remember most is my lovely teachers, my hardworking Director Ma’am Nicky, Mama V, Ma’am Beauty, Ma’am Jo, Mr Mpangane, Mr Chikura and my very inspiring teacher Ma’am Tracey. I just want to say I will remember you all my life. I am here today because of you. You never gave up on us. You were always motivating us. Ma’am Nicky and Mama V, you have done a lot for me. I am speechless - you have been very helpful to all of my life. I will always remember you.~ Thulani M

To all the facilitators and staff, you have all made a great impact on my life. My Maths and Science teachers in particular but without the directors they wouldn’t be there. I think everyone, I still miss Ma’am Tracey’s classes. She taught me never to undermine humble beginnings, even the humble things can make a big difference. I thank Ma’am Joanne for being so supportive and so willing to help me find a good path. I thank Mama Vee and Ma’am Beauty for being there as our mothers. A special thanks to Ma’am Nicky, she has a small voice but her big words have made a huge difference in my life. To Ma’am Myra, sometimes I feel sad that she leaves her warm blankets on a Saturday morning just to assist us. That is something not many people can do - thanks to her for being consistent in helping us. ~ Valerie M

The thing I will remember most about L4E is the motivation and guidance we were getting. All the motivations Mr Mpangane gave us, these were the ones who encouraged me to have a positive attitude towards everything I was going. His most powerful words which kept me going are “Destiny cannot be stopped, it can only be delayed.” I will also remember Mama V, because she always gave us good direction. She played an important role on behalf of our parents. I will miss Ma’am Jo for helping us with our careers. She made our goals seem to come true. We found overselves having a light of where we are going in 2015 because of Ma’am Jo.~ Pertunia M

What kept this programme together was the facilitators. They all worked together to achieved what we needed. Mama V was there to reprimand us. Ma’am Nicky was there to remind us of the mission of the programme. Ma’am Beauty there to motivate us and Ma’am Joanne was there to help us break through the world of careers. Whenever I am at Uplands I feel like nothing is ever difficult because we normally work together as a class. What I will remember most is the dedication that these L4E teachers have - it’s set in my mind. Lastly, the appreciation they used to show to a person who has done well. Appreciation and acknowledgement is what made me realise that doing good things and committing myself to what I do, will make people respect me and live a good life. ~ Ndumiso N

It was not just a programme, but it was a home where you feel comfort and love. There are many things I will remember but especially the love and support which you were providing us. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to find my goals of success through your knowledge and support. ~ Tshepo M

I met the L4Es and L4E facilitators as strangers but when time went by, I realised they are my real family. I am going to miss Mama V for making us enjoy the assembly and for encouraging ourselves to take good care of ourselves. Mr Ralph’s speeches would make one cry tears of joy because they were very inspirational. ~ Lindeni L

I will miss Mama V the most, because she really inspires and encourages me, that is why she is my role model. Thank you Mama V for being the supportive person you are. ~ Gift Z

Mr Mpangane was a true father to all of us, he loved us so much. One thing I will remember the most about him is “START AFRESH” - he would say these words every time you fail to get a solution to a problem, until you get it. Assembly was the most marvellous part of the programme because we would get guidance and motivation from our facilitators. Ma’am Nicky will always teach us about being well-presented with our body posture, like “can I have your triangles please” and “study like your hair is on fire.” Mama V will always tell us to be our own Mama V and look after ourselves. Ma’am Beauty taught me to persevere no matter how hard it is, no matter how many problems we come across and as for Ma’am Jo, she made me find the right path to my career, she helped me every step of the way. ~ Abegail N

The facilitators came into my life and changed everything. They showed me that there is love in the world, they showed me love, peace, and brought happiness in my life. In this programme I have learnt to be proactive and to extend the hand of friendship, and that is what I will do for the rest of my life. ~ Mpumi M

Sometimes I was facing difficulties but because you were here to talk and guide me, you are my hero, my role-model. ~ Thadazile S

We were treated the way children are needed to be treated, so I will miss everyone on the programme.~ Dennis N

My favourite memory is when Ma’am Tracey helped me with long division and even now I use it to help others that don’t understand. My favourite parts of the programme was assembly and when I am writing a journal which really helped me in expressing my feelings about something. I will miss Mr Mpangane’s motivational talks the most. I will also miss Mama V’s voice when she is reprimanding us. I will also miss the way Ma’am Nicky states the truth. ~ Lindokuhle M

Firstly, I will miss Ma’am Tracey’s class because she always assisted us where we were lacking knowledge. She made my calculating skills very easy. She made me love mathematics. I will also miss getting prizes from Ma’am Nicky, she made me feel like competing with others for getting full marks and for participating in the programme. Of course not forgetting Mama V for always taking good care of us even though we sometimes disappoint her. She never gives up. She never throws in the towel. Because of her I am proud of who I am today, she really played an important, precious and special role in my life. I will never forget her, she will always be in my heart and she’s like a mother to me. She did and said things a mother would find it difficult to say when raising her children. Not to forget Ma’am Beauty for helping us with computers and applying online, she’s doing a great job. Ma’am Joanne, I don’t know what to say and how to thank her for helping us with our careers, we are so grateful. Ma’am Nicky is always telling us to “dig where the gold is”, “study like your hair is on fire” and “study smarter, not harder.” ~ Londokuhle M

Uplands Outreach did not treat us like outcasts, it treated us like their own babies. Uplands Outreach was a home to us. What I won’t forget and I’ll make sure to tell my kids to tell their children about this programme. ~ Themba Z

Maths was like a monster to me but in 2012, Mr Chikura took that away and made me realise that I can do it. Ma’am Tracey was a maths builder, she taught me the basics of maths. I will miss the voice of Mama V every morning and Ma’am Nicky’s soft voice. Ma’am Beauty is the one who made me be able to use a computer and I will miss her for being so good in teaching. ~ Sabelo Fankomo

The ability of me waking up and coming to this programme and meeting all these beautiful people alone, that will remain the highlight of my academic life. Being chosen to be here is just something I will forever hold close to my heart. I have met true brothers and sisters. Honestly, this grey t-shirt is not one of the expensive t-shirts and not the prettiest, but through the years it has grown to be the greatest with the memories it holds. Not great ones alone, the sad one too: the failed tests, the departure of Zach, the early morning coldness, the rain that stopped us playing our annual soccer game. To the great memories of the jokes I shared with my guys, from the beautiful friends I have met, to the most wonderful teachers that one has ever met. ~ Kgothatso M

My parents raised me, my teachers taught me, and my whole family and friends supported me, but none of them were as effective as the L4E programme. The L4E programme made a huge difference in me in a very short period of time. As long as I am alive, even if I go very far from here, there is no way I am going to forget about the L4E programme. ~ Nicholas N