Digital Literacy: Quotes and Feedback

Qualitative Impact

Uplands Outreach is pleased to share the following qualitative feedback from our Digital Literacy Programme beneficiaries:

We want to thank you all for attending this course- every Thursday/Friday. Thank you for respecting us so much, for loving us so much. Thank you for making me believe that the work I chose was right for me. It looks like we started few days ago but is not like that, we started on the 29th/30th of January. It is very hard for us to say good bye, you were like family to us. We really appreciate to have you in our lives, to teach you. You were good students. I remember the day we started, I was a little bit scared to teach people like you, (Principals, Deputies, HODs and educators), but you guys made me feel confident and happy. It was a great opportunity to teach you. I hope you will continue working with computer, because if you end up here today….. You will go back again to be BBTs (born before technology) and we don’t want that, but we want people who will say they are not scared of the changing of technology and people who will keep up with the high standard of technology. I hope to stay in touch with all of you. You all know how to use your emails by now, and it would be lovely to receive emails from you just checking on us and letting us know, how you are doing at your different schools. ~ Beauty Mashego (Uplands Outreach, 2015)

First and foremost I would thank the opportunity afforded to us as a cohort by Uplands Outreach. It is a good venture that has brought the much desired improvement in our lives. The programme that has exposed us to the world of digital literacy as is the trend and route to go by nowadays. There are more benefits that we have accrued as per our attendance. To sight but a few, we have been capacitated to: --Power point presentation --Creating emails --Holding (kuyigugumadza mause) the mouse although the hands trembled a lot. --Drawing graphs --Computing using formulae such as auto sum --Taught us how to open and close a computer --Taught us how to create a text and save it as well --Opening a new page --Using excel --New terminology such as phishing, spam, spoofing --Logging into the internet and use www. The above benefits are immensurable because they have sharpen our skills, we are able to use micro soft word to type our confidential documents, without reliance upon our children and administrative clerks. We will in our respective schools motivate others to join the course as we are all expected to be computer literate. To Beauty, thanks for your understanding, patience, tolerance, guidance, believing in us and your instructional leadership. You are a star let your little light keep on shinning brighter in you corner. With this few words, I would like encourage Uplands Outreach to sustain this wonderful programme. I thank you all. Baie dankie. Re ya leboga. . ~ Mr J.F. Sifundza (Participant, 2015)

We are now living in a world of technology. What we must know is that technology is here to stay is here and we as teachers we must acknowledge it and start learning more. As Uplands Outreach students we want to thank our sponsors for giving us the light and to you Uplands we thank you for opening your classes for us. To our Circuit Manager in absentia, we thank you Sir for giving us this opportunity to come and learn. This shows us that you are a type of a leader who do not hide information for us. You managed to grab this opportunity and share it with us. To you Mama B and Mama V, we thank you very much for your perseverance. I remember one day when I wanted to quit because of being tired and you, Mama B,said:"No Gogo Thoko, it will be ok. Here I am today graduating or let me say here we are all graduating. To my colleagues, let us all go and shine with our little light we got, be of help to our schools and to our principals and keep on doing more practice. ~ Thoko Mahlangu (Participant, 2015)