SMILE: Quotes and Feedback

Qualitative Impact

Uplands Outreach is pleased to share the following qualitative feedback from our SMILE beneficiaries:

Each year it seems that SMILE grows more and more successful, this year was no exception. ~ Uplands Pupil, 2015

This year has consisted of some of the most interactive SMILE lessons. . ~ Uplands Pupil, 2015

I also think that we should keep the more interactive activities in our SMILE sessions. For example, the video at the end of the session allows the learners to have some fun as well as summarises their lesson. Also, the trips to the stables should be kept as the learners always light up when they get to see a different part of the Uplands campus.~ Uplands Pupil, 2015

We like to thank all the teachers who were helping us at Uplands ~ Maqamela Grade 4 Learner, 2015

Today I smile because of the SMILE programme.~ Maqamela Grade 4 Learner, 2015

SMILE programme helped me to speak and understand English – even when White people speak English, I can hear them. Uplands teachers we love you. ~ Maqamela Grade 4 Learner, 2015

Thank you for your kindness, thank you for everything you did for the Maqamela Grade 4s ~ Mrs Nancy Nkosi, Principal at Maqamela Primary

I believe SMILE is a very good initiative to help children in our community and it’s providing them with a better future. ~ Viola Moya, Uplands Outreach